Hawaii's Specialist Cattleya Orchid Grower
and recipient of the 2016 Merritt Huntington Award!
Matthias Seelis
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                                       Cattleya orchids                                                                                                               Cordyline Ti leaves                    
Welcome to Shogun Hawaii,
owner Matthias Seelis, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Hawaii is the perfect place to grow exotic plants and therefore the decision to grow orchids,
especially Cattleya orchids and the wonderful Cordyline terminalis was easy
The most exciting , the queen of all orchids, is the Cattleya
with their big showy and very
fragrant blooms
and we love all cattleyas but our heart is on white heirloom and semi-alba
Cattleya .

Naturally we also grow Catlleya species as they are the building blocks of all Cattleya hence we
grow labiata, purpurata  , lueddemanniana , warscewiczii,
percivaliana, and a few others.

As the production grows , we are adding more greenhouses to our facility and produce now our
own crosses we made over the years. Please check back to see what is coming up.
Enjoy this website and explore.

Matthias Seelis
Rlc. Taida Eagle Eye 'White Angel'FCC/AOS

News Alert
We received the 2016 MERRITT HUNTINGTON
AWARD  which was founded in 1992 to recognize
the most outstanding plant awarded a First Class
certificate ( FCC/AOS) during the previous calendar
year. This 2016 special award for our plant will also
be featured in an article in the April 2018 issue of
We feel very honored and blessed to have received
this prestigious award for this incredible award.
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